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Damask Series Instrument Mat

Primavera Parasols

Primavera Parasols

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Japanese-inspired pastel parasols--a reminder of Spring.


This quilted flute mat is carefully handcrafted with cotton batting that is delicately layered with Vignette's premium cotton fabric. It is designed to fit modern flutes with both B and C foot joints, and if need be, there is plenty of extra room to place a piccolo alongside of your flute.

Vignette, seamless flute mat, is entirely handmade here at sempre|flute in small batches by professional flutist and owner of sempre|flute, Elizabeth LaCoste.

Product Care

Spot clean and air dry only. Do not crinkle or wind into a ball. Gently roll and secure gently for storage where it will not be crushed or wrinkled. Avoid washing if possible, as the cotton batting can become distorted if put in a modern washing machine. Do not use dryer. 

Product Materials

  • 100% premium cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton batting
  • 100% premium cotton thread
  • synthetic woven label
  • finished product measures approx. 6.5in x 31in (17cm x 82.5cm)
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