Facts & Questions

What material are sempre|flute cloths made of?

Each and every flute cleaning and polishing cloth here at sempre|flute is made from 100% high quality cotton. That includes the fabric and thread. No artificial or plastic materials are used in our products.


Are sempre|flute cloths used for the inside or outside of the flute?

Both! All sempre|flute flute swabs can be used either as a swab or as a polishing cloth for your flute. Multi-functionality is one of the prime characteristics of sempre|flute products.


Are they machine washable? How do you clean the flute swab?

Yes! All sempre|flute cleaning cloths are machine washable and dryable. It's recommended that you clean them regularly and have at least two in your arsenal so one can be in your flute case while the other is in the wash. To achieve the "freshly out of the packaging" aesthetic, feel free to use a hot iron with steam to iron out any wrinkles. One or two swipes over the cloth should have it just as new!