Fall Flute Favorites

Fall Flute Favorites

It’s that time of year again! Cooler temperatures, orange-hued trees, pumpkin-themed everything, and Halloween! But now featuring the best fall-themed flute accessories and practice wear!

Below I’ve shared my absolute favorite Fall-themed flute accessories, practice wear, and gadgets that every fall-obsessed flutist, like myself, will absolutely fall in love with! (See what I did there?)

Mystic Hallows Flute Cloth

Halloween flute cleaning cloth that can be used as either a flute swab (interior) or flute polishing cloth (exterior). Spooky designed flute care.

Is Halloween your favorite season? Then you absolutely NEED our Limited Collection flute cleaning cloth, Mystic Hallows.

Mystic Hallows was part of our giveaway last year in Fall 2022! With it's name being particularly chosen by one of our sempre|flute community members on Instagram.

Like every other boutique flute cloth, Mystic Hallows is entirely handmade from earth-sustainable materials. Each one is made from 100% flute-safe, and human-safe, luxe cotton. 

You better hurry, though! As once Mystic Hallows sells out, none will be restocked!

A highly collectable and limited flute cloth that will have a special place in your flute case this fall!

Harvest Bouquet Flute Cloth

purple pumpkin flute swab cleaning cloth polishing cloth

Pumpkin spice season, anyone?

Harvest Bouquet was the very first limited edition flute cloth released here at sempre|flute. Featuring the perfect purple, pumpkin spice aesthetic if you absolutely love pumpkin season like I do!

While we are completely sold out here on the website, the last of the inventory can be found at Flute Specialists, Inc. or at Schmitt Music Flute Gallery

Autumn Tarnish Saver

I don't think it can get anymore Autumn than our Autumn Tarnish Saver!

Made from recycled cotton from our Autumn Flute Mats, each Autumn Tarnish Saver is individually handmade featuring couture stitching techniques for a seamless appearance. 

Simply place one in your flute case, white fabric side-down/decorative side up, gently atop your flute to fight silver tarnish in between practice sessions!

Burgundy Flute Cloth

Burgundy, the IT color for Fall 2023. 

It can be seen on all of the runways this year, and it can now be featured right in your flute case. 

Artist Series | Rouge flute cleaning cloth happens to be my personal favorite! It's simply classic. Wash after wash it becomes softer and more luxe, retaining it's durability and practical use after each use. 

Sempreflute Embroidered Crewneck

Fall flute favorites wouldn't be complete without some practice wear!

Love to be cozy during your practice sessions as temperatures drop? Our Embroidered Crewneck is absolutely an essential for fall and winter practice sessions. 

It features plush fleece on the inside, and warm, heat-retaining cotton on the outside. Allowing for breathability while keeping you warm! And what's even better? It's made with organic cotton. 

I hope you enjoyed these favorites of mine, and that you discovered a new favorite for yourself this fall! 


Elizabeth LaCoste

owner & maker

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